Online Spice Shop

The price of this business includes a website and domain name registered at the following address
Are you a foodie? This online business presents a lucrative opportunity in the food and home cooking sector. Spice & Nice offers an exciting business venture for any avid food lover.

Price of business

online spice wholesalers


online spice wholesalers

Online Spice Shop

Home cooking is becoming increasingly popular!

Spice & Nice presents a very exciting business venture for food lovers.

What’s included in the business ?

A Great Name

Spice & Nice is a really catchy name and will be yours along with the domain

Branding & Identity

Logos and marketing material for all social platforms are ready to go

Website with Products & Cooking Blog

You will receive a fully functional e-commerce website pre-loaded with 150 spices from around the world that are available in South Africa.

List of Spice Wholesalers & Importers

You will receive a list of spice suppliers in South Africa that stock spices from all over the world, spice from India, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas, you can buy from in order to fulfill your orders.

Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Ebi Consulting will personally guide you through a comprehensive online marketing plan that will drive traffic to your website and generate sales.

How does the business make money?

Online Sales

This will be the main revenue stream, your website will be pre-loaded with stock, once you receive orders, you will order the relevant stock from the suppliers that we provide you with. Once you generate some profits and identify your top sellers, you can invest some money into holding stock of these items in order to improve order fulfillment times.

The spice business is a low capital business that offers fast-moving stock items with good profits. Holding stock is also not a problem in this business as shelf life on most spices is pretty long and storage requires a small space.

Once your website audience grows and you have enough regular customers, you can add additional specialty food, cooking, & kitchen products, or anything nice as these are likely to sell to your audience. So they come to buy some spice and leave with something nice as well. Spice & Nice!

Blogging & Vlogging

If you have the flair for food and camera you could add an additional revenue stream to your business model by adding a blog and vlog to your business model.

The Vlog

Video Blog – Making cooking and food videos on YouTube and sharing them on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, & others will generate revenue from video views and will also in turn drive traffic back to your online shop.

The Blog

Create written recipes and re-create all your video content into posts on your website blog, this content will drive traffic to your online store via Google Search.

It’s not often you get to do what you love, if you’re a passionate foody and loves to eat, or maybe lives to eat, this could be your dream life. Talk Food, Cook Food, Eat Food, Sell Spice…….. Oh what a wonderful life!

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?

Do you want to be your own boss?

Finding the right business that suits you is a challenge most entrepreneurs face. There are a few things you should consider when deciding on what business to choose.

Choose the right market

New and trendy businesses may be viable now, but how long will the trend last? Be sure to choose an industry that has a long lifespan, choose products and services that people will be needing well into the foreseeable future.

Know your strengths

Think about your greatest strengths and find something that more closely mirrors your skills. Focus on areas in the business that you are good at and try to get help with the rest.

Be careful of passionate and emotional choices

You may have heard many people say, “Do what you love” or “Do what you’re passionate about”, it’s great if you can achieve this, however, it’s not a reality for everyone, you may be in love or passionate with something that really just isn’t a good business.  Be careful of your choices and always choose a business that will suit your lifestyle needs and one that is profitable.

Calculate your finances

All businesses require an initial capital investment, and most require further capital injections down the line, be sure to know exactly how much money is required to make your business successful. If you just cannot raise the money you need for a particular business, don’t overstretch yourself, you may have other options, look at a small business to start with and grow with time.

Don’t be afraid to fail

Starting a new business isn’t easy, but what is? Don’t be afraid to fail or to lose, in most cases if you have a good business plan, and you’re consistently working hard, you will be successful.

Think long term and be patient

In most cases, the road to success is a long one, you can earn a good living from most businesses, but bigger successes often take more time to materialize, have long term goals and plans to be the best in your industry.

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